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Athabascan Music

Athabascan and Gwich'in-related Books:

The Crooked Stovepipe :
Athapaskan Fiddle Music and Square Dancing in Northeast Alaska and Northwest Canada (Music in American Life)
by Craig Mishler

This book, recommended by Bill Stevens, should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in learning about this music.

Book review, which briefly explains Athabascan fiddling

Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival by Velma Wallis

Bird Girl and the Man Who Followed the Sun: An Athabaskan Legend from Alaska by Velma Wallis

Neerihiinjik : Johnny Sarah Haa Googwandak = We Traveled from Place to Place : The Gwich'in Stories of Johnny and Sarah Frank by Craig Mishler, et.al.

The Girl Who Swam With the Fish : An Athabascan Legend by Michelle Renner

Ladies, the Gwich'in and the Rat by Clara C. Vyvyan

Winter Camp by Kirkpatrick Hill


11/29/2003 "Native Youngsters Not Fiddling Around" ; Canku Ota

"Stretching the strings: Athabaskan fiddle enthusiasts hope to take the music statewide"

"Orkney Islanders discover their Metis heritage"

"Woman with a fiddle, dressed in the same style as Indian man..."

Chris B's music donates violins to Athabascan fiddle program in Arctic Village

If anyone knows of any female Athabascan Fiddlers, please have them contact me!