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Web Design & Development

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  • "America's Silent War -- A Challenge", 2003 (.pdf)
    Essay on unemployment
  • "What the Hell is All this and Why Is It All So Seemingly Unrelated?" 2002 (.pdf)
    Article on the website Galactasma and Other Cosmic Drek


  • Excerpts from an Arctic journal, 2001
    From my trip to Fairbanks, Alaska and on to Old Crow, Canada, a native village in the Arctic Circle
  • Samples from a web journal, 1997-98
    From 1997-1999 Online Journal, Oklahoma


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  • Solo violin: Six Rumanian Folk Dances: II Braul, Bela Bartok, 1996 (.wav) 483KB
  • Solo violin: Courante, J.S. Bach, 1996 (.wav) 530KB